FIRST tech Challenge

Hello, Teams!

This website has all the information you would need about the NYC FIRST Tech Challenge. If you haven't yet registered a team or need more information about starting a team, please visit our main website here.

This year's game is called Freight Frenzy, where robots manipulate game pieces and explore the future of transportation.

Volunteer with Us

FTC Challenge competitions are largely run with the support of local volunteers. Volunteers serve as judges, referees, and every role in between. Our volunteers come from local companies, the FIRST community, and other organizations that support STEM education. To learn more about partnering with NYC FIRST or serving as a volunteer, please follow the instructions on our Volunteer Page and we will reach out to you shortly!

Meet the Teams

NYC FIRST currently has over 50 teams registered! If your team would like to connect with other teams, visit one of our STEM Centers.

the Ftc competitions


This year NYC FIRST has 6 qualifiers and 1 championship. The event season runs from December to March. Find more information on our competitions page.

Meet the ftc committee

This program wouldn't exist without the hard-working people who put in the work year-round. A big thanks to our volunteer committee:

  • Melodie

  • Mohammed

  • DJ

  • Charlie

  • Levi

  • Katie

  • Kevin

  • Jason

  • Sloan

Rudiana Bunbury, FTC Program Manager. Contact her at