Robot Resources

If you are a rookie team and are looking into which kit works best for your team, we suggest contacting to discuss your options.

RObot Resources

AndyMark - This is where you can purchase robot parts and game items.

Vendors and Base Kits - PDF about the different vendors and base kits used by FTC.

Rev Deocumentation

Illegal Parts List - This list tells you all of the things you can't have on your bot to pass inspection.

Robot Tutorials

Robot Tutorials created by veteran FTC teams - This page has PowerPoints about various topics including the engineering process, transferring motion, motors, and configurations.

GM Zero: Getting Started with FTC - This documentation gives you information on the design, mechanics, and software for your robot.

Ultro Robotics 10539 - This is the youtube channel from a veteran team where they give tutorials on different aspects of building a robot!