Getting Started

Your team has received their kit — now what?

There are resources on every subject known to FIRST. We've compiled as much as we can in these sections, but please if you need additional help, contact one of our STEM centers at or RSVP for a build session.

Robot Resources

Game Resources

Software Resources

General Resources

FIRST homepage - This is where FIRST gives the official game and competition information.

NYC FIRST homepage - This is where you can find information about other FIRST programs and events in NYC.

FTC Forum - This is where you learn about any manual updates.

FTC Mentor Manual - This manual explains the values of FIRST and the season timeline, along with other helpful things.

Chief Delphi - This is a chat room where FTC mentors discuss everything FTC-related. If you can't find the answer in one of these resources, you can post on there to have other mentors help you.

The Orange Alliance - This site has the official team, match, and event data for FTC. This is mostly used during competition time.